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General Medical Fund

Your donations helped these pups:


Augustus had the worst cased of mange anyone, including our vet and animal control had ever seen. The crust on his neck and back was close to 1.5 inched thick. After he was rid of the crust, his skin was thin, similar to a burn patient. It took several weeks and lots of love (and medications) to get him healed up.

Augustus now – a photo of Augustus in his home.


Kimmie was pecked in the eye by a rooster and left to fend for herself. Her eye was almost double regular size and was infected.

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Chance was found in a rural community with both his back legs bound with wire and wood. He was also found in a fish tank. He had both types of mange (Sarcoptic and Demodex), skin infection and is paralyzed from the waist down.


Hope, in pictures one and two above, was found roaming in a gas station parking lot. When a concerned citizen open the car door, Hope jumped right in. It was discovered that Hope jaw had been shattered, by what the vet felt was a kick. She also had a severe case of mange as well as an infection from the wounds. Blue, in picture three and picture four, was found in the back yard of a HASRA foster. Blue suffered from a mange to his entire body, a gaping wound on the neck that appears to have been caused by an embedded collar.

Through donation made by YOU to the General Medical Fund, HASRA was able to provide the funds necessary to get the immediate veterinarian care they desperately needed. Had any of these pupps ended up in an overcrowded animal control facility, each would have most likely been immediately euthanized. Rest assured, all donations made to this fund are used to treat any animal that HASRA takes in.